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Sanshou (aka Sanda) and Qingda are both competition fighting / sparring events incorporating punches, kicks, throws and takedowns. Some events also allow knee and elbow strikes. Sanshou is a Full Contact event and Qingda being a Semi Contact event. Each association will have its own variation of the rules and accepted legal techniques. These classes are open to both male and female students, the Sanshou is restricted to over 18’s. Minimum equipment required for these classes will be, gum sheild, groin guard, boxing gloves, hand wraps (sanshou only). Extra equipment may include, shin guards, chest guard,and head guard. Target areas differ for the two events, as does the acceptable level of contact. It is not necessary to write all here as the rules may change per competition. Generally speaking the ‘no-go’ areas are the same i.e., groin, back of head, back. This class has a comprehensive grading syllabus for measurement of progression.

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20 July 2018, 10:19 am

Well done to the students of Eastchurch, Halfway, St Edwards, Queenborough & Richmond……

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1 July 2018, 11:55 am

Fantastic results from these amazing fighters!…..