Jo'Li Martial Arts

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Jo’Li Martial Arts is a progressive modern style with a comprehensive syllabus. Shotokan Karate is the style practiced. However, at higher levels the syllabus combines the best points from some of the Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Consider the apparent and very contradictory ‘softness’ of the Chinese styles for their relaxation and flow of energy with the dynamics of some of the ‘harder’ Japanese styles and you will appreciate the path of Jo’Li Martial Arts. The Chinese influence is mainly from the Northern Shaolin Chang Chuen style via the KIXX Martial Arts group Maidstone. At high grade level students will undertake weapons training including learning weapons forms and fight sets. This class has a comprehensive grading syllabus for measurement of progression.

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Excellent week of karate gradings!
20 July 2018, 10:19 am

Well done to the students of Eastchurch, Halfway, St Edwards, Queenborough & Richmond……

Medway Park Competition, Gillingham
1 July 2018, 11:55 am

Fantastic results from these amazing fighters!…..